Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Informed with Bekonta FAQs'

If you got any inquiry? Here you go! Don't hesitate to ask any Question! We are happy to help with your questions. Here you go!.

  • How can I verify my account (Email Verification)?

    Account verification is easy on Bekonta, ensure to register with a valid email address. After registration you will get a link sent to the email which you will be required click on to verify your email and activate your account.

  • How can I get my money (Withdrawal)?

    After placing a withdrawal request, Bekonta automatically settles you to your added bank account. delays are sometimes experienced during weekends or when there is a general downtime with Nigeria Interbank Settlement System.

  • How can I buy Crypto (Bitcoin or Ethereum)?

    Before you can buy crypto on Bekonta, you need to fund your Naira wallet on the platform.

  • How can I make money from the platform?

    Earn 0.25% commission for each buy and sell transaction your referral performs on Bekonta. You earn continually from all the Buy and Sell transactions of your referrals

  • Where is my Bitcoin Wallet address on Bekonta?

    Once you login your Bekonta account, click on 'My Assets' from the navigation to get your bitcoin wallet address.

    We provide you with a secure digital purse called a fiat wallet (local currency) that we support, you can fund your digital purse (default is NGN wallet) to buy cryptocurrency and also send money easily to love ones and business partners.

  • What channels are available to fund my fiat/local currency wallet?

    You can fund your fiat/local currency wallets using Bank transfer, ATM transfer, Internet or Mobile banking and USSD.

  • How fast is the sell Coin process?

    Once you send bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tron to your wallet address, our system automatically converts it to the NGN (Naira) equivalent and store it on your Bekonta NGN wallet. If you activate our auto-withdrawal feature known as the 'Payment Rule', you will also get a bank credit alert without having to login and withdraw, just from Coin to bank alert.

    In rare cases due a confirmation delay or internet banking temporary downtime, it might take 48-72 hours, our team will get in touch with you.